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TV Jet











Consist of:

  1. Playout
  2. Graphical Engine
  3. Encoder


Key Features:
  • Linux based (better remote control)
  • SW or HW solution
  • HW GPU accelerated




Playout serves for precise video clips linearization and live inputs mixing. 


Key features:

  • Precise Audio Video synchronization - no audio shifting during timeslots switching.
  • Wide container support: mxf, asf, avi, 3gp/mp4/mov, flv, mpeg-ps/ts, mkv/webm etc.
  • Wide AV codec support:  h.263/mpeg2, h.264/mpeg4, aac etc.
  • Multiple playouts can run in parallel at a single server depending at hw configuration.



  • IP - rtsp 
  • SDI-SD/HD (Decklink)
  • HDMI (Decklink)



  • TSoIP - rtp (encoder version)
  • SDI-SD/HD (Decklink)
  • HDMI (Decklink)
  • File - recording output to file 



  • Playlist time
  • Timeslot time (elapsed or remaining)


UI supports:

  • Preview   (timeslots)
  • Postview (output with graphicall layers applied)

Graphical Engine

Graphical engine mixes additional graphical layers on top of the main video layer. 

Graphical layer objects:

  • Moving text “Crawler”  (multi-line, left/right & up/down direction, configurable speed)
  • Static Text
  • Clock and date
  • Video (Picture in Picture) incl.  Chroma key  transparency
  • Image (incl. transparent background)
  • Camera (rtsp, USB)
  • Web page


2 Layers types:

  • Global Graphical Layers    
  • Timeslot Graphical Layer - are applied during single timeslot duration



  • H.264 encoder (H.265 on request)
  • SD/HD resolution up to 1 920 x 1 080 pxl @ 60 fps

Ordering info


  • MD3511        SW Playout with encoder
  • MD3512        SW Playout raw video output
  • MD3521        HW Playout with encoder
  • MD3522        HW Playout raw video output


MD3511 requirements:

  • CPU i5, i7 quad core
  • Linux Ubuntu 15.10.
  • GPU HW accelerated graphics requires:
    • Intel built-in graphics (i5, i7)
    • AMD HD Radeon series 7 (7850)
    • SW mixer - no requirements
  • MD3512 requirements:
  • same as MD3511 + Declink SDI/HDMI board


MD3521 specifications:

  • 1,5 RU chassis with active front panel
  • Supermicro board
  • Linux Ubuntu 15.10.
  • i7 quadcore with built in graphics


MD3522 specs:

  • same as MD3521 + Decklink Minimonitor