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SMART EDU Remote Studio

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  • Is the place where Live Session are provided - this is the place where Trainer and the Assistant, can provide Live Sessions remotely
  • Live Sessions are being monitored while they are actually going on
  • REMOTE STUDIO is connected to the SMART EDU Broadcast Center from which the session is being transmitted to the trainees via a Contribution Link
  • provides an intuitive interface for the preparation and the broadcast of a video based training. It enables remote control of each object of the trainee screen layout
  • Learning objects supported by SMART EDU can be handled in 2 different ways, in a Live Session or as Uploaded Educational materials. These objects are:
  • Live Video
  • Live Audio
  • PC Screen
  • Text
  • Question


remote studio
In a Live Session, as well as uploaded Educational Materials:
  • Pre-recorded Video
  • Pre-recorded Audio
  • Pictures
Broadcast Educational material files:

For Broadcast any file format (supported by the operating system) can be used, e.g.:

  • Text files (e.g. Word)
  • (Adobe Acrobat) pdf files
  • Spreadsheets (e.g. Excel, Lotus)
  • Slides
  • Simulators
  • SW Programms
  • Animations; etc