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SMART EDU Trainee Site

Single Trainee configuration

Trainee site is a place where Trainee takes part in training. There can be technically a very high number (several thousands) of Trainee sites connected to the Broadcast Centre.

Trainee site is equipped with a PC that has been installed the with a SMART EDU Trainee site SW. It enables Trainee to use the following synchronous or asynchronous tools.

trainee site
Live Sessions synchronous tools:
  • Watch the live session
  • Interact with a Trainer during the live sessions - question
  • Fill quick test
After Live Session, Synchronous tools:
  • Chat
Asynchronous tools:
  • Educational Material
  • Discussion Forum
  • Knowledge Baset
  • Upload file
  • Save and later view the Live Session

TRAINEE SITE is connected to the SMART EDU Broadcast Center from which the session is being transmitted to the trainees via a Forward Link.
TRAINEE SITE consists from SMART EDU Receiver and SMART EDU Client.

There are 3 major possible configurations:
  • Single Trainee
  • LAN Configuration
  • Conference room
LAN Configuration
trainee site 2
Conference Room
SMART EDU Client - Trainee interface