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DVB-H IP ENCAPSULATOR T6100 and S6000 Series

IP EncapsulatorDVB-H IPE enables Mobile TV broadcast services to mobile handsets with limited computing power and limited battery resources. Mobile reception (130 - 500 km) is improved by 5-9 dB thanks to MPE-FEC (forward error correction) mechanism. Over 90 % battery savings are achieved by Time Slicing. MPE FEC and Time Slicing are performed by MD DVB-H IPE. DVB-H standard incorporates IPDC concept (Internet protocol data casting) what means video and audio are transmitted via IP (UDP/RTP) layer. DVB-H can be transmitted via DVB-T transmitters. MD DVB-H IPE T6100 and S6000 Series include also new features suited for easy DVB-H Laboratory and Field Trials such as TS Recording & Play, Video Streaming etc (see details bellow).

DVB-H Specific features:

Time Slicing is a core DVB-H feature. Purpose of Time Slicing is to save mobile handsets battery life for longer operation time. DVB-H IP Encapsulator organizes transmission of DVB-H services into "time slices" enabling mobile handset to "sleep" between the bursts. In case of e.g. 10 TV channels 90% of energy savings can be achieved. During "Off-time" mobile phone can monitor other cells transmission for easy handover.


DVB-H Specific features (EN 301 192 ver. 1.4.1):

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  • Time Slicing - Individually configurable per service
  • T6100 Series < 4 Programs
  • S6000 Series - unlimited
  • MPE FEC (Reed Solomon - Configurable FEC (1 , 2/3, 3/4, 5/6. 7/8)
  • S6000 Series - full DVB-H Transport Stream
  • T6100 Series < 4 Mbps
  • Extended PSI/SI tables Generation PAT, PMT,SDT, NIT, INT (EN 300 468 ver. 1.6.1)

IPE Generic Features:

  • DVB-ASI output - physical layer (EN 50 083-9)
  • S6000 Series - full DVB-H Transport Stream
  • T6100 Series < 4 Mbps
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream output (ISO 13818-1)
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet input
  • IP Encapsulation (100 Mbps) MPE (EN 301 192 ver. 1.4.1) Section Packing
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Source Specific Multicast (SSM) support

Remote Control & Monitoring:

  • SNMP v.3 (authentication and authorization for improved security)
  • BNMS Web Interface, XML control
  • Embedded Linux OS, optional NAT, Firewall
  • Play Transport Stream Files, Play Video Files
  • Channel errors emulation (Enables test MPE FEC decoder performance)
  • Library of Transport Streams files with various DVB-H parameters
  • (Bandwidth Burst Size, Video Codecs (H.264, MPEG-4, H.263),
  • Audio Codecs (AAC, MP3), MPE FEC Strength Settings,
  • Induced Bit Errors - bursts, spread)

Technical Specifications:

Output format: Transport Stream by ISO 13818-1, MPEG-2, 188 byte TS packets, Null packet generation
El. Interface: DVB-ASI, DVB doc. A010, EN 50 083-9, 270 Mbps link layer, 215 Mbps usefull data
PSI/SI tables: PAT, PMT, NIT, INT, SDT tables EN 300 468 ver. 1.6.1
DVB-H features: Time Slicing, MPE FEC
PCR accuracy: < 50 ppm or < 5 ppm (on request)
Dimensions: 19" rack mount 1RU, 431 x 44 x 580 mm
Weight: 14 kg
Data Inputs: Gigabit Ethernet
Remote Monitoring: BNMS > WEB based interface SNMP v.3
Remote Management: BNMS > WEB based interface XML