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Satellite Internet Platform Overview

MAINDATA has been provider of Satellite Internet platforms since 1998.

MAINDATA provides complex platform consisting from core equipments such as IPE with QoS, broadcast network management system (BNMS), HYBRID-NET ®, Antispoofer, PUSH e-mail, Statistics & Billing, Fair usage policy and satellite network monitoring system.


MAINDATA Satellite Internet Platform consists of following products:

MD IP Encapsulator

MD IPE is a crucial satellite internet platform equipment performing encapsulation


of IP packets into MPEG TS or GS. MD IPE supports multilevel QoS, with low MPE overhead, quick browsing. MD IPE proved to b

e very stable with no downtime for several years of operation. MD IPE supports speeds up to 200 Mbps being used at several

satellite internet-up links in Germany, UK , USA etc. MD IPE generates useage statistics to MRTG, Statistics & Billing module and or Satellite network monitoring system. MD IPE also support data rate control with TCP/IP accelerator and MEDIACAST platform. RMC a JAVA based client provides live MD IPE traffic monitoring with in depth data.

BNMS (IPE Manager)

BNMS consists of IPEs manager, WEB UI for service Resellers login to BNMS directly and provide services directly to end-users using allocated resources (bandwidth, PIDs, IP ranges). BNMS supports fair usage policy QoS - configuring Daily quota or Absolute quota packages.


HYBRID-NET achieves 2 way satellite internet service by combination of DVB Tx link with IP return channel Rx link like dial-up,SCPC modem, GPRS 3G network, Wimax etc. Platform consists of HYBRID-NET GW "S" at head-end HYBRID-NET GW "R" at receive side associated with MD IP connection manager. HYBRID-NET is IP transparent supporting all higher layer services. IP connection manager at client side automatically switches to land-lines in case of satellite outage.

Satellite antispoofer

Satellite internet provides face problems with unauthorized use of their satellite bandwidth by spoofing IP addresses used within their satellite internet network. This leads to the lost of income and overload of the satellite bandwidth-decreasing quality of service for paying customers. MD satellite antispoofer simply and effectively protects satellite operator against satellite capacity spoofing.


Statistics & Billing


WEB interface to statistics and bills for service provider and users. Statistics & Billing gathers subscribers data usage statistics and store them into DB. It provides WEB interface.

SAT-IP EYEsatelity

Network monitoring of satellite equipments within your satellite network from various vendors, including iDirect.

Satellite network monitoring system is suited for network operating conter ofDVB Tx & SCPC Rx / Tx satellite links. It allows live monitoring of all links for proactive link fixes. SAT-IP-EYE monitors Tx, Rx bitrates, RTT, Eb/No, link down times, packet looses for different time p


eriods - on hour, week or montly basis. Monitoring data are building links statistics what helps service provider to reach in informed way to customer claims regarding service quality. S-NMS automatically generates warning mails on.

IP Traffic Volume Manager

Satellite Internet results in rather high CAPEX and OPEX figures. However, when Int

ernet access needs to be offered to End users in an economical and efficient way, a cost-saving Traffic Volume management is a prerequisite. This process is also known as "Fair Usage Policy" (FUP) or as "Quota", or even as "Packages".

Hence, the MAINDATA IP Traffic Volume Manager offers a profitable way to redistribute SAT IP volumes to the End Users. MAINDATA IP Traffic Volume Manager allows the most efficient IP Volume Management with predefined rule settings, peak management and full remote VNO support in order to management by multiple resellers of their end-user. 

DVB-S2 ACM platform


MAINDATA DVB-S2 ACM platform converts link margin into increased capacity -

average throughput gain of 100% (or more) is possible, compared to traditional CCM. ACM allows for dynamic change in modulation and code rate in response to
changing weather and other satellite link conditions. ACM adopts throughput under various conditions: Rain fade, Inclined orbit satellite operation, Antenna pointing error, System Noise, Interference etc.




MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM is the reliable file IP multicast system. IP multicast provides efficient bandwidth saving tool by supporting simultaneous transmission to unlimited number of receivers. Movies, music games and similar content distribution via satellite successfully competes to land line infrastructure(such as xDSL, cable modems etc.)

MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM provides a transmission layer for reliable one-way media (files) delivery over unreliable e.g. satellite links. It uses BFTP+ (Broadcast File Transfere Protocol). It can be used for movies, music distribution, digital signage projects, file saring etc.

OPTISAT S2/S receiver

OPTISAT S2/S receiver - professional satellite receiver integrating various client SW, such as HYBRID-NET, ACM client etc.