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MAINDATA, s.r.o. has successfully installed HYBRID-NET for the World Bank (I.B.R.D.) in Washington, D.C.

Hybrid Net in Washington, D.C. MAINDATA, Co. Ltd. based in Slovakia successfully launched its High Speed Internet via DVB Hybrid-Net™ for the World Bank in Washington D.C. in a first week of February 1999 at Comsat Teleport in Maryland (former US monopoly for satellite services). Speed performance of single TCP/ip connection has reached over 1 Mbit/s with no limitation for UDP traffic. Hybrid-Net™ is around 50 x faster than conventional dial-up modems and surpasses performance of ISDN links 10 x.

Hybrid-Net™ is part of AVU (African Virtual University) the advanced Distance learning project of the World Bank in Washington, D.C. for African Universities in more than 14 African states. The African Virtual University (AVU), a project of the World Bank in Washington, DC, is the first attempt to use, on a grand scale, the power of modern information technologies to increase access to desperately needed educational resources in SSA. The Main goal of the project if to increase number of University graduated students mainly in Sub Saharan Africa, having the lowest percentage of University graduated people in the world. AVU today provides live Video lectures from the Washington to African Universities ( University Physics, University Chemistry, University English, Computer literacy, Computer applications, Internet literacy etc.) via C-band satellite on Intelsat 803.

Hybrid-Net™ is DVB compliant. It can cooperate with any DVB broadcast system satellite, terrestrial or even cable on a basis of remultiplexing (splicing) Transport streams and various interfaces (RS422 sync. LVDS, DVB ASI). Hybrid-Net™ server can be connected either to multiplexor or directly to DVB modulator (in case of SCPC).

Hybrid-Net™ gives DVB operators easy way to add new revenues by becoming Internet service provider with high speed Internet services.

Hybrid-Net™ important features:

Dynamic multiplexing of data channels, when the bandwidth of individual channels change in time according to the needs of channels and its priorities - what results in maximal utilization of available bandwidth (thus optimizing the usage of expensive satellite segment).
• Simple inexpensive installation Hybrid-Net™ can be installed using only one single PC connected on one side to DVB Multiplexor or DVB Modulator and on another side to Internet (via Router).
Raw-IP transparency, what means it supports all higher level Internet protocols and services without obligation. (including all exotic ones voice over IP). It is strongly different from Proxy based solutions which has to implement each specific protocol individually.
• Hybrid-Net™ has no obligation for the number of Internet users - it results in a simple Internet administration.
Inexpensive video broadcast with lower bitrates (below 1 Mbit/s).
HW independence. Hybrid-Net™ today operates via STB DVB IRDs with high speed synchronous RS422 ports for which MAINDATA developed interface in a form of a PC card acting as DVB to PC interface. Hybrid-Net™ may also use any PC DVB cards. This card can be used for usually problematic interface between DVB IRD and PC (mainly already installed receivers).
Data Broadcast services (like tickers from capital and financial markets in real-time, news etc.) Hybrid-Net™ system includes Broadcast network Management system enabling remote management of entitlements for data services. Integration of DVB IRD control by BNMS is under way (Comsat, Tiernan).

Among interesting technical features of Hybrid-Net™ which will be implemented to the system in a short time belong File download even with disconnected dial-up connection, more effective acknowledgment mechanism and TCP/ip window size the limiting factors of TCP/ip performance in networks with high bandwidth on one side and long response time (RTT) on another side.

MAINDATA, s.r.o. is based in Slovakia (Central Europe) focused on data broadcast technologies since 1993, established first real-time satellite based financial information system gathering information from emerging capital markets, news agencies and number of other sources. From 1996 launched its VBI system via Eutelsat Hotbird.