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MAINDATA, s.r.o. has successfully installed HYBRID-NET for the P.T. Citra Sari Makmur Jakarta Indonesia.

Hybrid Net in Indonesia MAINDATA, Co. Ltd. based in Slovakia successfully launched its High Speed Internet via DVB Hybrid-Net for the P.T.Citra Sari Makmur in Indonesia in September 2000 at CSM up-link site close to Jakarta. CSM as typical VSAT operator extends its offering by DVB broadcast platform services.

Indonesia with numerous islands and high population 200 million, provides good conditions for satellite services.

Next implementation of push technologies and TCP/ip accelerator will allow CSM to overcome problems with long RTT of majority Indonesian ISPs and provide high performance TCP/ip connection via satellite to ISPs and end users. Distance education system can be effectively offered also to government, banks, insurance companies for their internal video communication.

Hybrid-Net GW "S" is connected to Comstream modulator CM701 via DVB RS422 interface.