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MainData Showcases Its DVB-H IP Encapsulator

Mobile TV (multicast) & Video Streaming (unicast) present new attractive services for mobile operators.

MainData’s Mobile product portfolio includes DVB-H for Mobile TV Broadcast as well as 3GPP for unicast Video Streaming to Mobile handsets. This provides a solution that addresses both major video delivery methods to mobile handsets.

MainData's CEO Mr. Statelov made the only speech about arriving DVB-H technology at the IBC Conference 2003 during “New Delivery Methods” Session which attracted attention of a wide professional audience.

DVB-H opens doors for mobile operators to provide attractive mobile TV broadcast e.g. sports, music, news etc. Mobile TV services have high selling potential. DVB-H brings new TV entertainment to mobile users and provides a platform for the next wave of revenue streams - similar to messaging - for mobile operators requiring only moderate investment to their network. According to recent studies around 40 % of users are willing to subscribe to Mobile TV services.

    MAINDATA’s DVB-H product portfolio includes:
  • MD DVB-H IPE - Time Slicing, MPE FEC, enhanced PSI/SI tables
  • H.264/AAC Encoder - Real time H.264/AAC encoding
  • H.264/AAC Multicast Decoder/Player - for WinCE PDAs
  • DVB-H Mobile TV platform for pilots and commercial deployments


    3GPP product portfolio includes:
  • 3GPP Server - Video, audio encoder + IP/UDP/RTP encapsulator
  • Streaming Server - Generator of multiple unicast RTP streams from 3GPP Server or from Video on Demand Server

For additional information please contact Mr. Dusan Statelov CEO or visit booth M221 at IBC.