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MAINDATA launches DVB-ASI to IP adapter at IBC 2006 Amsterdam Sept. 8-12, in Mobile Zone.

MAINDATA introduces DVB-ASI to IP adapter allowing transmission of MPEG TS via Internet within DVB-H, DVB-T, DVB-S, IPTV networks. DVB-ASI to IP adapter supports the FEC code compliant with Pro-MPEG Code of Practice#3, release 2.

MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS), containing AV content compressed by different algorithms (e.g. MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 etc.) has to be often transmitted over long distance, while DVB-ASI physical layer supports distances only up to 300 m.

DVB- ASI to IP Adapter enables to transmit DVB-ASI / MPEG-2 TS via IP networks. At one end it converts DVB-ASI output interface into IP/Ethernet output and on another IP/Ethernet input into DVB-ASI output interface. This solution is independent from Video Compression so it can carry any AV streams in DVB-ASI MPEG-2 TS format via IP network.

MD DVB-IP Adapter significantly extends the distance and reduces communication costs. DVB-ASI to IP Adapter offers economical solution in various DVB network configurations (see Application examples).

Application examples:
1 - Contribution:

In case of multiplexing several TV programs within a single multiplex there can be connected feed from a remotely located studio (e.g. local TV).

For connecting remotely located local TV studio’s AV encoder MD DVB-ASI to IP adapter can be used to transmit output of TV studio to remote DVB-T or DVB-S multiplex, where all TV programs are multiplexed into a single MPEG-2 TS ready for transmission.

2 - Distribution:

In DVB-H/T networks MPEG-2 TS has to be delivered from head-end platform to TV transmitters spread accross the country. Distributing MPEG-2 TS signal via IP networks belongs to one of new possibilities.

MPEG-2 TS signal is taken from IP link and regenerated at transmitter point as required for further transmission.

Ever improving economy and availability of IP links makes this option a viable alternative.

3 - Remote up-link:

Possible alternative in DVB-S networks is transmission of Multiplex output to remotely located Up-link. Remote up-link is frequently appearing configuration of networks.

4 - IPTV:

Distribution of MPEG based TV signal via IP networks to IP Set Top Boxes.

With raising importance of distributing TV programming via IP networks DVB-ASI to IP adapter allows to deliver TV programming to the end-user Set-top-boxe (STB) via a broadband IP link (xDSL, Satellite, WiMax etc.).

This option is viable alternative for Multiple service operators providing data+VoIP+TV services over the same network.


MAINDATA was established in 1996 and provides complex SW platform for Satellite Internet over DVB links named HYBRID-NET®, Distance Education platform deploying video streaming SMART EDU, as well as File Multicast platform for multimedia content distribution over 1-way link MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM. MAINDATA also provides PSI/SI tables generator and distributes ASI, SDI interface boards.

MAINDATA customer base ranges from SONY, World Bank USA, Telenor Slovakia, Horizon Satellite Services Dubai UAE, Gulfsat Kuwait, ISAT USA, Al-Sabah Group Kuwait, Eurotel Italy, CSM Indonesia, PDMC Taiwan, Katelco Kazakhstan, Telconsult UK, HCL India, One2Net Uganda etc.