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MAINDATA showcases DVB-H IP Encapsulator for Mobile TV transmission at IBC 2006 Amsterdam Sept. 8-12.

New DVB-H IPE S6000 and T6100 presents new internal architecture with higher performance, accuracy, web interface and remote control features.


MD DVB-H IP Encapsulator S6000, T6100 integrates MPEG-2 TS Player and Video Streaming Server, what enables to build test environment easilly. MD DVB-H IPE has user firendly WEB interface controlling consistency of settings and thus protecting operator against missconfiguration. It contains Remote Control via XML and Monitoring via SNMP v.3. MD DVB-H IPE provides ability to form more than 1 group of DVB-H services what provides a tool for tunning latency for DVB-H services.

Next release will provide Statistical Multiplexing, Encryption engine, Remux capabilities and direct control by subproviders.

MAINDATA was established in 1996 and provides complex SW platform for Satellite Internet over DVB links named HYBRID-NET®, Distance Education platform deploying video streaming SMART EDU, as well as File Multicast platform for multimedia content distribution over 1-way link MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM. MAINDATA also provides PSI/SI tables generator and distributes ASI, SDI interface boards.

MAINDATA customer base ranges from SONY, World Bank USA, Telenor Slovakia, Horizon Satellite Services Dubai UAE, Gulfsat Kuwait, ISAT USA, Al-Sabah Group Kuwait, Eurotel Italy, CSM Indonesia, PDMC Taiwan, Katelco Kazakhstan, Telconsult UK, HCL India, One2Net Uganda, Synergistics USA, Satcoinx Spain, Ratioconsulta Italy and others.