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MAINDATA Demonstrated Ready DVB-H Platform Interoperable with Commercially Available Handsets

MAINDATA has finalized development of its DVB-H platform, which allows transmitting and receiving signal to commercially available DVB-H CBMS compliant handsets like LG U900 or SAMSUNG Stealth.

MAINDATA demonstrated DVB-H platform with TESLA transmitters` technology and antenna for DVB-T/H to Ceské Radiokomunikace, a major Czech Broadcast network operator, on 23rd November 2006. During the demo, live CT24 TV programming was transmitted offering excellent video quality.

MD DVB-H Platform consists from MD AV H.264 Encoder, MD DVB-H IP Encapsulator, Expway ESG server, Pro Television COFDM Modulator, transmitter and LG U900 DVB-H handset. Demo platform configuration and equipments used are shown at the attached platform diagram.

Mobile TV & Video Streaming platform Overview

MD DVB-H platform also supports reception by PDA with SDIO DVB-H receiver, as well as to Notebook/Laptop with Express Card DVB-H receiver.

During several months of development, MAINDATA sorted out several compatibility and interoperability issues related to AV Encoding, ESG generation and modulator settings.

MAINDATA proves to be at the forefront of DVB-H development. Platform provides transmission of unencrypted TV services (clear to air) and allows smooth integration of SPP subsystems to allow provisioning encrypted pay TV programming.

MAINDATA was established in 1996 and provides complex SW platforms for Satellite Internet over DVB links named HYBRID-NET (R), Distance Education platform deploying video streaming SMART EDU, as well as File Multicast platform for multimedia content distribution over 1-way link MEDIACAST & DOWNLOAD SYSTEM. MAINDATA also provides PSI/SI tables generator and distributes ASI, SDI interface boards. MAINDATA customer base ranges from SONY, World Bank USA, Telenor Slovakia, Horizon Satellite Services Dubai UAE, Gulfsat Kuwait, ISAT USA, Al-Sabah Group Kuwait, Eurotel Italy, CSM Indonesia, PDMC Taiwan, Katelco Kazakhstan, Telconsult UK, HCL India, One2Net Uganda, Synergistics USA, Satcoinx Spain, Ratioconsulta Italy and others.

TESLA, established in 1921, is the main Czech producer of digital transmission technology, antenna systems systems and passive components for DVB-T/H networks. Transmitters range from 50 W to 1 kW. TESLA is owner of TESLA trademark in over 100 countries.