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Latin American satellite TV distribution company selects MAINDATA to supply OPTISAT S2/S receivers.

MAINDATA has been selected to supply OPTISAT S2/S satellite receivers for the „head-end in the sky“ platform of a Latin American satellite TV programms distribution network to cable TV head-ends.

Bratislava June 15, 2010

OPTISAT S2/S receiver

OPTISAT S2/S MD7320MAINDATA supplies its last state-of-the-art custom developed OPTISAT S2/S receiver MD7320 with double DVB-S2 tuner, built in demultiplexor, PID remapping abilities, remote demux control (inbound signalling) and remote firmware upgrade ability.

Satellite distribution allows parallel DTH (direct-to-home) satellite reception by satellite home users extending geographical reach beyond cable networks.

MD7320 is equipped with double DVB-S2 tuner. MD7320 has built in demultiplexor allowing to split wide (70 Mbps) DVB-S2 satellite transport stream into multiple narrow band (25 Mbps) transport streams. Demuxed transport streams are sent via GbE IP outputs (or DVB-ASI) to cable network QAM modulators and distributed further via cable networks to cable end-users. MD7320 enables PID remapping.

Part of entire OPTISAT platform is OPTISAT NMS (network management system). NMS allows remote inbound controll of MD7320. Generated controll commands are transmitted inbound via satellite signal allowing flexible on-the-fly reconfiguration of OPTISAT receivers.

OPTISAT NMS allows remote MD7320 firmware upgrade. Receivers firmware can be also upgraded by replacing Compact Flash disk accessible from a front panel.