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Governmental financial support for SME Instrument II project submission.
MAINDATA has signed agreement for non refundable financial support for project Stream Hash from 
operational program Research and Innovation from Ministry of education, science and research of
Slovak republic from European structural and investment funds.
This project is supported from ERDF - European regional development fund. Support is aimed to help SMEs
submit projects to 2nd phase of SME Instrument, dedicated for innovative small and medium sized companies
within EU Horizon2020 program.
Project abstract:
Growing traffic and number of new radio-communication services require more and more radio frequencies,

while radio frequencies are the non-renewable and limited natural resource. Licenses for frequencies are
becoming more expensive and represent an important asset of telecom providers.
Frequency licenses for mobile networks are auctioned and present significant income for governments.
The proposed innovation – Stream Hash solution allows deterministic generation and reconstruction of
video streams at the terrestrial transmitters sites, whether Mobile or TV, while significantly reducing bandwidth
for satellite distribution network, by more than 97%, based on patented stream processing.
MAINDATA podpísala zmluvu o poskytnutí Nenávratného Finančného Príspevku pre
projekt Stream Hash
z operačného programu Výskum a inovácie z Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu SR
z Európskych štrukturálnych a investičných fondov EŠIF.
Tento projekt je podporený z EFRR -Europskeho fondu regionálneho rozvoja. Cieľom podpory je finančného 
zabezpečenia prípravy projektu od 2. fýzy výzvy SME Instrument pre inovatívne malé a stredné spoločnosti,
v rámci programu Európskej komisie Horizon2020.




2nd April, 2019