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OPTIMUX-REG regional content distribution platform

OPTIMUX provides efficient distribution of multiple regional transport streams directly to TV towers, being part of multiple SFN cells and regions. OPTIMUX supports multiple Digital TV standars e.g. DVB-T, DVB-H, ATSC, DMB, MediaFlo, ISDB. OPTIMUX has centralized architecture. OPTIMUX is network adapter being transparent to DTV head-end or transmitter equipments. OPTIMUX works with single MIP inserter per SFN cell in line with SFN standard requirement.
OPTIMUX II also enables: a) to combine national and regional MPEG TS at TV transmitter site b) insert regional advertisement (or other offline content) into national TV channels.

In case of need to have regional TV service, distribution from a central place becomes very expensive. Adding just 1 local TV channel per region, suddenly multiplies transport streams to be distributed, despite of fact national TV services are the same across all regions.

This leads to high satellite bandwidth cost increase

In a case of DTV network with 10 regions, there is a need to transmit 10 different transport streams each 22 Mbps per transport stream; increases total bandwidth up to 220 Mbps.

OPTIMUX allows to process several such TS with regional and national TV services resulting in significant bandwidth reduction.

OPTIMUX REG versus ordinary distribution:

optimux platform

In digital TV networks, whether mobile or fixed, there is a high demand for local content such as local advertisement, local news, local sport and cultural events, local weather traffic news etc. Local content greatly increases attractiveness of TV broadcasts to viewers as well as to advertisers.

Terrestrial Mobile Digital TV networks like DVB-H, DMB, MediaFlo, CMB, DAB or fixed ones like DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB networks consist of hundreds of terrestrial transmitters. Transmitting single transport stream, with the same content to all transmitters is a straightforward task. But by adding just 1 local TV channel to each region, suddenly many different transport streams have to be distributed. For example, in a DVB-H network with 10 regions, there is a need to transmit 10 different transport streams (5 Mbps per transport stream), what increases bandwidth to 50 Mbps and local content distribution becomes costly task.

OPTIMUX solution offers innovative and cost effective way of local content distribution for Mobile and Fixed Digital TV networks. OPTIMUX solution significantly reduces bandwidth of Local content distribution network.

OPTIMUX solution presents centralized architecture where all transport streams with local content are generated at the head-end. All transport streams are multiplexed together by OPTIMUX Server providing up to 85 % bandwidth reduction. This results in high operational costs savings and affordable local content. OPTIMUX deploys MAINDATA patent pending technology.

Thanks to clear network adapter architecture OPTIMUX assures exact SFN synchronization, transparent „plug-into network adapter architecture transparent to all existing equipments on head-end and user sites, higher reliability and easy management of distribution network.


  • Digital TV SFN, MFN networks with Regional/Local content
  • DVB-H, DMB-T, MediaFlo, BCAST, CMMB networks
  • DVB-T, ISDB, ATSC networks

Key features:

  • Clear Network Adapter architecture
  • Centralized solution with Transport Stream generation at head-end
  • SFN adapter (MIP inserter) at the head-end