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  • Hybrid-Net GW "S" for Broadcast Center ("S" for send)
  • Hybrid-Net GW "R" for LAN or Single User ("R" for receive)
  • IP Connection Manager
  • The ONLY Raw IP transparent system with 100% IP protocols support in opposite to VPN or proxy based solutions

MD Hybrid-Net system is RAW IP TRANSPARENT - what means that supports all IP protocols and services. Hybrid-Net comprises from two Gateways: one at the broadcast center "S" and another at user PC or LAN "R" and IP Connection Manager. Its main function is to split IP traffic in hybrid networks in order to transmit request from user to Internet via a return path e.g. terrestrial connection (or GSM, GPRS) while response from Internet is transmitted via a broadband one-way DVB link. Hybrid-Net GW behaves similarly as router. It contributes to higher end-user comfort eliminating the need to individually change Proxy settings for each application.

Main features:
  • RAW IP Transparent
  • No obligation to number of parallel TCP sessions. (No contribution to http latency time and thinking time) and consequently to number of users
  • No need to change Proxy settings individually for each application
  • Possibility to use any ISP on a return path
  • No need to switch-off protection against spoofing at ISP network
  • End user SW - Hybrid-Net GW "R" and IP Connection Manager are provided for LAN and Single User version under WinNT, Win2000 and later
  • DVB Receiver MAC address is present in each packet coming from a user
  • Automatic end-users authentication by controlling MAC address of incoming MD UPD packets - no need to login for a session
  • Real LAN End-User solution without a need of NAT or Proxy installation
  • Compliant with all PC DVB MPE boards or DVB IRDs
  • Possible to configure with any standard equipment and SW
Technical data:
Hybrid-Net GW "S"
Weight: 17.5 kg (38.5 lb)
Dimensions: W482 x H177 x D452 mm (19" x 7" x 17.8") e.g. 4 RU
Input: Ethernet 100 Mbit
Output: Ethernet 100 Mbit
Hybrid-Net GW "R" and IP Connection Manager SW
  • Single User version Win98, Win NT, Win2000
  • return path: dial-up
  • LAN User version WinNT
  • return path: dial-up, dedicated line
  • Other OS like LINUX, Free BSD on request
  • Other return path like GPRS, VSAT etc. on request