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PUSH e-mail

Main features:
  • INTEROPERABILITY - Interfacing at UDP/ip level to any DVB/ip GW
  • Downloading e-mails from any end-user's POP3 server to broadcast center
  • Reliable transmission over one-way link (satellite, terrestrial, cable) without availability of acknowledgment mechanism of TCP/ip protocol
  • FEC + rebroadcast implemented
  • Automatic Synchronization checking of received e-mails with PUSH e-mail Server
  • RSA/DES ENCRYPTION for e-mails on the fly implemented

PUSH e-mail System serves for downloading e-mails from remote POP3 servers and their instant automatic transmission via a one-way link using UDP/ip interface through any DVB/ip GW (IP encapsulator).

PUSH e-mail System brings to end-users significant increase in comfort as incoming e-mails are received automatically without any intervention from an user side at significantly higher speeds of DVB link comparing to ordinary dial-up (up to 20 Mbit/s to end-user).

From economic point of view it eliminates PTT dial-up fees for connections required just for sending acknowledgment for received e-mails and checking inbox for incoming e-mails.

{include file='product_download.tpl'} This for example eliminates worries of end-users to have e-mail box frozen due to some huge email being received (for example 8 Mbyte of data with 2-3 failures during download can cause unpleasant delay in receiving the rest of e-mails).

It is an attractive add-on mainly to Asymmetric Broadband Internet Systems (satellite, terrestrial or cable). PUSH e-mail System enables Users to fully benefit from broadband one-way link he made investment into. PUSH e-mail System can be used in conjunction with any third party DVB/ip GW (IP encapsulator) with MPE encapsulation.

Key Components:

  • PUSH e-mail Server
  • WEB management
  • Receive POP3 Server
  • PUSH Client Manager
Key Features:
PUSH email Server
  • POP3 server support
  • Hybrid DES/RSA encryption asymmetric scheme (public and private key)
  • FEC
  • Rebroadcast
  • RECEIVE addressing:
  • legal IP based (in conjunction with third party DVB/ip GW (IP encapsulator)
  • MAC based (no need of IP) in conjunction with MD DVB/ip GW
  • Synchronization with RECEIVE POP3 Server - Automatic retransmission of unacknowledged e-mails
  • Windows OS (other OS on request)


  • Can utilize any PC DVB MPE complaint board or DVB IRD
  • Runs under Windows OS (other OS on request)
  • Communicating user accounts, password to PUSH e-mail Server
  • Communicating public end-user encryption keys

PUSH Client Manager (User/administrator)

  • Automatic encryption key generation
  • e-mail accounts management for User and Administrator
  • Logs generation for administrator
  • Runs under Windows OS