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Statistics & Billing for Satellite Internet Users platform

Statistics available for:
  • Channels
  • Users
  • User Entitlements
  • Channel Settings
Billing according to:
  • Traffic volume
  • Connection time
  • Flat fee
Key components:
  • DVB/IP GW statistics generator
  • Statistics - WEB interface


1. Purpose of Statistics & Billing


The main task of the Statistics and Billing module is to gather Statistical data for DVB/IP GW Channels/services and Users for purpose of System Maintenance and Billing.

The major characteristics of a system are:
  • Generates and displays Channel and User statistics from DVB/IP GW
  • Allows to define billing methods and pricing for each individual channel
  • Generates bills in defined accounting periods
  • Statistics can be run at any OS with WEB, PHP support and MySQL
  • Serves for Service provider as well as for end-users
  • Generates statistics for all services supported by Main Data technologies:
  • Internet Single Route
  • Internet Multi Route
  • BFTP channels
  • PUSH mail
  • PUSH FTP - Download Center
  • Allows to charge according to traffic volume, connection time or flat fee
  • Allows to define Service Time Zones (peak hours) and define different pricing for individual time zones
  • Supports 3 time zones (peak hours)
  • Allows to define peak-off days (where no peak hours are applied)
  • Graph output
  • Table output
  • Generates and sends passwords for end-users to access statistics web page
Monthly Graph, Speed in [kbps for 2 hours averages]
statistics and billing
Monthly Channel Graph
statistics and billing


2. Billing


The main purpose of billing system is:
  • Generate bills for individual Users according to services they are entitled for and billing system specified.
  • Setup general billing rules for entire billing system:
  • Currency
  • Accounting period etc.
  • Setup pricing for individual services like
  • Billing model
  • Price for unit
Billing Alternatives

For each individual service there can be different billing type set. Nowadays the system suports 3 different models of billing:

  • Volume Based
  • Connection Time based
  • Flat Feed


Time Based Volume Based Flat Fee
IP Multi Route YES YES YES
IP Single Route YES YES YES